Benefits of mail order pharmacy

I think there is nothing worse than being ill and buying the medicines myself. However, what can one do if one is in a different state away from family and falls sick? I study and live in New York by myself. Recently I had a minor accident at the campus for which I got a few stitches. But there were a lot of medicines that were prescribed to me. I was not well and obviously didn’t feel like medicine shopping. However, my parents were on their way to check on me and I needed the medicines lined up as soon as possible. So, I got them through mail order pharmacy.

I am well aware that today everything is available online. But I had my doubts if medicines would be shipped to the customers as well. One of my friends at the campus said that her mother availed the services of an online pharmacy and got all the medicines delivered to her home. Instantly I thought that it was the best way to buy medicines. So I went ahead and ordered my medicines via online pharmacy. I am so glad with their services that ever since then I am promoting it selflessly.

If you do not believe that online pharmacies are a boon to someone who is ill, then have a look at the benefits that I got from them.

Saves time

This mail order pharmacy saved me a lot of time that I would have invested in going to a drug store. I am a student and I am busy. I have classes to attend, projects to finish, dorm room to clean and friends to catch up with. Above all of this I was unwell too! So it saved me a lot of time and effort. If you are busy with family or work and need to restock your medicine, then this is the best option for you.

Highly convenient

This is a highly convenient way of getting the medicine delivered to your home. I live at the university residence and the medicines got delivered here as well. It was extremely convenient for me because I was alone in the city and unwell. Nothing gets better than the medicines being delivered at my convenience.

Knowledge about the medicines

Ordering the medicines online helped me to learn a lot about the medicines as well. I read this site and educated myself on all the possible side effects of the medicine.

Saves money

Some of the online pharmacies offer good discounts on medicines. I got a good discount on the medicines that I bought after the stitches. I also got some regular first aid stuff from them. I am glad to say that I actually got a far better deal than the drug stores would have given.

Availability of medicines

After getting the benefits of mail order pharmacy myself I did not wait to spread the word. One of our professors also placed an online pharmacy order and got some of the medicines that were difficult to find in the local drug store.

My suggestion, do not fall sick. And if you must, then don’t buy the medicines, get them delivered!

Special Services Of A Mail Order Pharmacy

What are mail order pharmacies?

These are pharmacies which operate with the help of internet and supply medicinal orders to the customers with the help of shipping companies. It is very convenient and cost effective as well for people who take medicines on a regular basis for their chronic conditions.

The attractions of mail order pharmacy
 The cost of the drugs is comparatively lower than the regular pharmacies.

 Once you are a member of these mail order pharmacies you get reminders to send your refill orders so that there is no delay in receiving your next shipment of drugs.

 All the medications are disbursed in properly labeled containers and mailed in tamper proof packages.

 You receive safety information along with any important drug that you are ordering.

 You also get your prescriptions on a regular basis through your email.

 You get access to licensed pharmacists 24 hours a day, all 7 days in a week to solve your medical queries.

 No shipping cost is charged for delivery in standard U.S. addresses which includes even the U.S. territories.

So now that you have gone through this article of mine on the attractive services of the mail order pharmacy in general I don’t think next time you would opt to buy your drugs from any regular pharmacy.

Things You Need To Know About Mail Order Pharmacies

online pharmaciesWhat are mail order pharmacies (more often known these days as online pharmacies)?

Mail order pharmacies are those pharmacies from where we can buy drugs online just by the click of a button. For people who are required to take medicines regularly in their day to day life for diseases like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and asthma etc, the mail order pharmacy has proved to be a blessing. The system is not only convenient but cost effective too.

When are the mail order pharmacies useful?

The mail order pharmacy is basically useful in case of requirement of maintenance drugs. These are the drugs which are needed to treat chronic ailments. Antibiotics and painkillers are not examples of drugs which should be obtained from the mail order pharmacies. These pharmacies should actually be used to obtain drugs which you have already purchased from a regular pharmacy. This ensures proper dosage and also determines your tolerance level.

What are the things that we should know about mail order pharmacies?

Mail order pharmacies not only save money but are convenient too. Following are advantages of purchasing drugs through these pharmacies;

• You don’t need to waste time in waiting in queue or driving down to the pharmacy.

• Since the prescriptions are mailed to you, you can save on the consumption of gas. Moreover these pharmacies use about 30% recycled materials for packaging.

• It is simple. Once you place the order through email, you get a call that your order has been shipped and also when your next refill is due.

• The details of the patients are kept confidential.

• Easy refill of prescriptions.

• Free shipping.

In my opinion, before you start using the services of a mail order pharmacy, always have a clear idea as to what it is all about and how are you going to be benefitted from it.

Special Features Of The Software Of Mail Order Pharmacies

this is not a mail order pharmacy but a normal non-online pharmacyWhat is a mail order pharmacy?

It is such a pharmacy which delivers medications to the patients though mail services directly at their doorstep. The patients don’t have to visit the pharmacy to collect their medicines. These mail order pharmacies have a lot of advantages and this is what has made it so popular.

A quick look at the latest features of the mail order pharmacies

The software programs used by pharmacies are becoming advanced day by day and this is not only a boon for the pharmacists but for the patients as well. As everything is handled by the systems, it leads to fewer number of prescription errors. It also makes the pharmacists free and they can spend more time in solving the queries of the patients. From my personal experience what I have seen is that the following are few of the latest features of the software being used by these mail order pharmacies;

Entry of order.

Both manual and automated filling of prescription.

Capture of E-signature.

Verification of the prescription.

Management of the ‘will call’ bin.

It also includes other features like reporting, tracking of prescriptions, troubleshooting problems etc.
According to me, due to the latest technologies adopted by the mail order pharmacy it is not only beneficial for the staff but also for the customers.

How A Mail Order Pharmacy Works

What do you mean by mail order pharmacy?

Mail order pharmacies are such pharmacies which function online and supply drugs to its clients in the comfort of their home. It is very convenient for people who need to take medicines on a regular basis for ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. This system also helps you to save money. The prescriptions of the clients are directly sent in their email.

How does it work?

Mail order pharmacies are a very popular trend nowadays but do we actually know how it works? I have therefore shared here with you a brief description of how the system of mail order pharmacy works.

Step 1 – When your doctor prescribes medicines for the first time ask for two copies of prescriptions. One indicating a month’s supply which you would produce at the retail pharmacy and the other indicating 90 days’ supply of your medications with refills. This copy should be sent to the mail order pharmacies.

Step 2 – Along with your prescription you also have to fill in the Prescription Mail-In Order Form and mail it to the online pharmacies. These forms are available with the customer care dept.

Step3 – Then you need to make the payment which can be either through a cheque, credit card or money order. E-payment systems are also encountered at this stage.

Step 4 – Once your formalities are over your drugs are sent to you in tamper-proof packages and you get the delivery within 7 to 11 working days. The package includes your medicine container, the instructions for refill, information about the medicine and proper instruction to take the same.

When you are left with about 2 weeks supply of your medications, similarly place your next order.
What I feel is that nothing can be more convenient than a mail order pharmacy, so set yourself free from all the hassles and get membership of one of these pharmacies today.